Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Are doctors worth $75,000 per year in income?

Some in Congress believe that the entire health care problem would be solved if doctors would "accept" salaries of $75,000 per year. Let's examine this figure to see if it is reasonable.

First, what do people make in other fields, on average?

    Call center analyst: $36,000

    Admitting director for a hospital: $80,000

    Retail store detective: $35,000

    Bricklayer: $70,000

    Risk Manager: $120,000

    Appraiser, residential: $36,000

    Advertising Account Exec: $70,000

So I suppose that the congressman believes that his personal physician's worth lies somewhere between his bricklayer and the admitting director of his local hospital.

Perhaps until he gets chest pain or shortness of breath or renal colic or a fracture or an elevated PSA .

Now what does it cost to become a bricklayer? Nothing. Bricklayers do apprenticeships.

What does it cost to become a hospital admitting director? The price of a college degree at a state school.

How about a doctor? $250,000, and 12 years minimum of training.

I don't know, but I just don't see it. $75,000! Am I nuts or is that unreasonable.


The IU.