Monday, February 18, 2008

Going Solo? Develop A Competitive Edge.

What makes you so special? Why would patients go to you over someone else? While it may be difficult to compete with an established group or a large group, you can try to level the playing field--or perhaps tilt it a bit in your own favor--by developing a competitive advantage the amplifies your strengths and exploits your competitors weaknesses. Having Saturday hours when others do not may represent one such competitive advantage. Here are some others:
  • Have office hours others do not
  • Offer a service others do not
  • Learn a new procedure that others are not yet doing
  • Treat diagnoses that others find undesirable or less profitable
  • Answer your own phones, and do it 24/7
As you grow, you can adjust your practice's competitive advantages accordingly. That is the fun part of solo practice.
Good luck.

The IU.

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