Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Considering an EMR? Look Into VISTA.

I spent much of my urology training at Chicago's Lakeside VA Medical Center.  This was in the 1990s and EMRs were in their infancy.  At that time, the VA had it's own proprietary system, called VISTA.  And VISTA was amazing: simply the best EMR ever made.

And it still is.

VISTA is free.  You can get it from the VA Medical Center's Website.  It requires a MUMPS platform to run, and this requires a license, or it can run for free on a LINUX system.

So basically, to have the best EMR is the world you can rent space on a VPS (Virtual Privacy Server) that runs LINUX, get a techie to configure it for you, and then you have the best EMR in  the world