Monday, September 08, 2008

No ID, No I See: Some good reasons to require photo IDs from your patients

I have a strict policy in my urology office:

No ID, No I See!

I have developed the policy over the years because,well, I've been screwed on several occasions. Here are some good reasons why you may wish to adopt the No ID No I See Policy.
  1. Fraudulent Health Insurance Cards: In this case, the best situation will be that you only deliver free care. However, I have had instances where insurers have paid me only to demand refunds. Then I have to go after the patient. Good luck tracking them down!
  2. False Names: Drug seekers can use a fake name to get narcotics from you and dead beats can elude collection attempts with a fake name.
  3. Bad Checks: See above, and yes I have had patients give me bogus checks.
  4. Wrong address: This makes collections difficult if you have no proof of address.
  5. The Photo: I find the photos helpful in jogging my memory of the patient and their story.
So in my office, NO ID, NO I SEE!