Monday, September 15, 2008

Protect Your Online Reputation: 10 Steps

One of my employees has a doctor that she worships, so one day I Googled the doctor's name.  He had several listings, but all were from sites such as Ucompare, Healthgrades and some other local doctor rating sites.  I pulled up one of the free reports and found two ratings; one glowed while the other seethed with anger and hate.  And that was all that this outstanding doctor had to represent him to the online world.   

In these days, doctors must be proactive in managing their online reputations.  Any person with an ax to grind and access to a computer and internet can really damage your hard earned reputation.

Here are some things that I do and I recommend you do to manage your online reputation:
  1. Blog and blog often.
  2. Have your own website, even if you are part of a group.
  3. Link your blog and website.
  4. Publish articles, such as review articles, in medical journals and periodicals.
  5. Post comments on other peoples blogs and allow them to post on yours..
  6. Get your name in the media via interviews (see blogging and blogging often).
  7. Google yourself on a regular basis.
  8. Contact content providers that allow subscribers to post malicious writings about you and request that that they remove the comments.
  9. Have a lawyer contact the content services or the offenders themselves with threats of litigation.
  10. Seek help from online reputation management experts (yes they exist).
So protect your online reputation and remember that no one has a right to malign you unjustly and falsibly.  The first Amendmant does not protect people who do this from civil damages.  Do not be afraid to enforce your rights and fight for your reputation.  Your very livelihood could depend upon it.

Good luck.