Thursday, September 04, 2008

A cool trick for getting someone a copy of an insurance card

Here's the scenario: you are tryingto book a patient for a procedure at a hospital or surgery center and they request a copy of the patient's insurance card. With a paper chart, you'd have to locate the chart, xerox a xerox of the original, and then fax the xerox of the xerox. Well, you can imagine that the card is basically worthless when it arrives at its destination.

Here's a better way. All you need is a business card scanner and associated software.
  1. someone asks for the insurance card, ie hospital
  2. pull up the card image in card scan
  3. alt print screen to take a picture of the computer screen
  4. open ms word blank document
  5. paste
  6. save as
  7. efax
  8. drink coffee
Total time: 2 minutes.