Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Want a web presence? It's easy.

A urologist friend called me the other day. He's from Jersey and he wanted some advice. Comcast, his ISP, wants to sell him on a package that involves website design, website maintenance, and SEO (though my friend did not actually know what SEO stood for). Comcast wanted $200 per month for the Website and SEO + $50 per month for website "maintenance". Actually the price could and would vary based on the number of clicks and hits, etc, to is site. Total cost per year: ~$2700.

Now here is The IU DIY way:

  1. Go to or and register domain name, ~ $2 to $7 per year
  2.>blogger-->create blog
  3. Point domain name to blog (easy to do)
  4. Write post #1: Something like this, "Hi I'm here and I do x,y,z."
  5. Go to page layout, then add gadget, then add stuff to the sidebar like phone number, contact information, bio, even a form (available on Google documents)
  6. Write something else, like "Hello,still here and I still do x, y,z" as post #2
  7. Get a google adwords account-->start an ad campaign-->pick some key words, for example x,y,z--->bid on the cost per click (CPC--google can help determine how much the key word phrases cost)-->set daily or monthly max budget-->give AMEX card
  8. Write something more provocative for post #3, like "insurance companies suck" or "working in the ER is cool. . .and bloody" or "The lawyer who deposed me was H-O-T hot!", & have the post picked up on KevinMD then see your readership start to flourish.
  9. Have fun-->feel pride in the new skill set that you have acquired, and make money.
Total cost: ~$5 per year + whatever your adword campaign costs, not to exceed your own pre-determined max budget.

Or just hire some 13 year old kid to do it for you!

Have fun.

The IU.